"If only our air was as pure as our beer" - Richard von Weizsäcker The beer market in the grip of change – current challenges for breweries and suppliers The beer market is undergoing radical change at present, with sales in decline for some years now. If anything, there is a reticence among consumers. In this situation it is particularly important for management boards and directors that the external accounts, business planning, financial controlling and reporting departments can provide all the necessary information in full, with due accuracy and at short notice. As a reliable supplier and business partner, ASiRAL sees its mission to be tackling the present and future challenges in the industry.  Our day job is to assist our customers in connection with various issues, such as the following: Monitoring (ASiRAL SafeGuard) Optimising eco-efficiency Improving sustainability in environmental and economic terms Optimising processes Increasing the efficiency of systems VDI 2047 There are some breweries which can achieve considerable growth rates with a consistent brand identity, even without large advertising budgets. In most of these cases, it is about a combination of beer and an "added value" which may come through conveying the feel-good message of the taste of home, of quality and of fun.  A few breweries have turned to the low end of the retail price range and are aiming for strong growth with products tailored to the specific sales channels. We have made it our aim to provide them with the best value for money on the market. We see the following aspects of our business as added value for our customers: Process validations and hygiene audits Staff training (training on products, hygiene and hazardous substances) Training on the job (e.g. foam cleaning…) Professional advice on applications/optimum use of our products Regular application-specific service Chemical and microbiological analyses Highest standards of process safety and reliability    
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