ASiRAL has a successful 10-year track record in chlorine dioxide technology The ASiRAL DuoSept systems are universal chlorine dioxide-based disinfection systems which can be used for applications ranging from acid to mildly alkaline. The outstanding features of chlorine dioxide include low concentrations of use, rapid reaction time, a broad and consistent spectrum of effectiveness and a high level of environmental safety, making it the best disinfecting agent currently available from an economic and also from an ecological point of view. Advantages of the ASIRAL DuoSept system: Economy Potential savings in respect of the following: Product Energy Water Time Safety Full spectrum of microbicidal effect Scope for fully automatic monitoring and control Simple and safe dispensing system Environmental friendliness No AOX formation Minimal concentration of active agents Free of residues No after-effects in water treatment/sewage systems Food safety approval Approved under the drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV) Minimal concentration of use (in ppm range) No formation of chlorophenols Top material compatibility Suitable for use with stainless steel and elastomers, free of hydrochloric acid Comparison of disinfectants:
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Microbiology   Concentration of active agent Corrosion Effect on food and drink Effect on the environment
Monobromoacetic acid Peracetic acid Chlorine dioxide Sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine)
Reduced effectiveness against yeast and mould fungus at low temperatures 800-1000 ppm Depends on acid used (mostly sulphuric acid) Problems with residues readily identifiable in some cases AOX in waste water
Reduced effectiveness against yeast and mould fungus at low temperatures 400-800  ppm Attacks elastomers to a severe extent "Oxidised" flavour Conducive to formation of AOX
Full spectrum efficacy (proven by TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, Munich) 0,5-3 ppm Hydrochloric acid/chlorite process (conventional process as opposed to ASiRAL DuoSept): pitting corrosion None No residues
Full spectrum efficacy 50-100 ppm 5-6 ppm (bottle cleaner) Pitting corrosion Medicinal taste AOX in waste water
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