ASiRAL produces high-quality labelling adhesives for the drinks and food industry from its base in Saarbrücken-Ensheim. Following intensive research, two product ranges have been developed that are tailored specifically to the requirements of the drinks and food industry. In addition to PET bottle labelling, the PET line can also handle disposable glass containers, cans and plastics.  Our established PA line is geared up to satisfy all glass labelling requirements. Whether on high- quality new glass or recyclable bottles undergoing intensive use, with resistance to condensation or ice-cold water, we offer the right solution. The focus is on producing synthetic adhesives suitable for vegan use. To round off the portfolio, ASiRAL offers hot-melt adhesives for the key applications in the drinks and food industry. There are EVA and metallocene-based adhesives available for cardboard packaging, also available as an anti-slip hot-melt for load restraint. We continue to develop further applications for glass and plastics labelling, naturally similarly with PET cycle certification. Due to reclassifications of chemicals in Europe, changes are pending for many labelling adhesives containing casein. The change relates to the ingredient borax, the classification for which changed in June 2015. The reclassification will cause some adhesives to fall into hazard class 3.7. This relates to toxicity for reproduction, in hazard category Repr. 1B or 2. The adhesive tubs must accordingly be labelled using this new GHS hazard symbol:   In relation to this, we confirm that ASiRAL adhesives contain no borax.    
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